Find the Perfect Purple Earrings for your Bridesmaids


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Add some fun and some pizazz to your Purple wedding! Wear these beauties as the bride and show your modern side, or give them as a gift to your bridesmaids. Regardless of who wears them, they'll look stunning! I came across these earrings on Etsy from another great seller, BridalJewelry4u. She offers many jewelry types and styles, so there is something for everyone. Not only is the jewelry beautiful, but it is also very affordable. Can't beat that!

Gone Vintage? Find the Perfect Jewelry for your Vintage Wedding!


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Personally, I am a huge fan of Vintage weddings. Nothing makes an event stand out more than originality. It gives guests something to remember, something to fawn over when they leave-- It could be the hair, the jewelry, the decor, the dress. When all eyes are on the bride, they'll be sure to see her jewelry, and their reactions would be pure amazement if she's wearing these earrings by ThisBlueBird. A perfect complement to any hair style and any dress, these earrings are vintage at its best! And at a price tag of only $15, these earrings are a steal. See more of ThisBlueBird's incredible Vintage jewelry at her shop.

Beautiful and Affordable Wedding Jewelry


Glass Pearl and Rhinestone Earrings by LittleWhiteChapel

As I do daily searches on Etsy for incredible wedding items, I find that I am never disappointed. If anything, I am amazed at the talent of these artists. One of today's finds was a pair of glass pearl and rhinestone earrings that would look so perfect with any bride's wedding dress. LittleWhiteChapel prides itself in affordable yet quality jewelry and many of their pieces are much less expensive than what you would find in your local store. And the best part? You'll be supporting an individual instead of a corporation.

These earrings were inspired by the first snow in Chicago. From the shining crystals to the smooth sheen of the pearls, LittleWhiteChapel's earrings encompass the beauty of a bride on her wedding day.

If you love these earrings, you'll love the rest of this shop's products, from vintage jewelry to pearls upon pearls. For more of LittleWhiteChapel's products, view their shop here.

Butterfly Theme Decorations for your Wedding


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I am amazed by these classy little butterflies! Die-cut, and made out of paper, they make a beautiful decoration for your butterfly-themed wedding. Imagine how thrilled and amazed your guests will be to see butterflies that have just landed on their glasses. It's a simple and elegant way to incorporate butterflies to your wedding. They serve as both a decoration and a wedding favor and  look great at an outdoor wedding or garden wedding. Visit Emma's shop here.


Decor for your Flower Themed Wedding


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If you're planning for your spring or summer wedding for next year or doing some last minute shopping for your wedding this year, there are some great artists and shops that are creating unique decorations and items for themed weddings. It can be difficult to find tasteful flower-themed wedding decorations or favors, but I recently came across some great finds!

These Anemone Napkin Rings by paperNplastic are a beautiful, affordable option for decoration. If you added these to any table, they could be decoration enough, since they are so colorful and appealing. Best of all? Guests can take these home as a favor! PaperNplastic also does custom colors, so you can order these according to your theme's colors.

More Great Etsy Shops for your Wedding


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Dress By: CoralieBeatrix

Alright, I'm officially in love.
This bridesmaid dress not only is less expensive than store-bought dresses- it is hand-made by a real designer. And you know how we always tell our bridesmaids, "You could TOTALLY wear this dress again"? Well, if they buy this dress, they really can wear it again. Coralie Beatrix's dresses are wrap dresses, meaning they are extremely versatile. You can change up the style any way you want, cut the dress for a cute short summer dress.. the possibilities are endless. Beatrix features a video in her listings that shows exactly how versatile her dresses are.

More information:
"Fall in love with the Sophie Pearl convertible wrap dress! Ultra Comfy yet can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion... Unlimited number of ways to wrap; Criss-cross, one shoulder, strapless, full skirt, etc. Can be as modest or revealing as you desire. From Low bare-back with modest front to fully covered back and sexy front. What ever mood you're in! Dress can be virtually rolled into a ball as your travel friendly companion.  French Beige is the softest most luxurious cotton/spandex knit.  Drapes beautifully with a slight sheen."

Dress up your bridesmaids in this dress and you'll be sure to have an extremely fashionable Wisconsin Wedding!

Etsy : A Custom Wedding Haven


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Invitation by Kiss And Tell Cards

Besides running my wedding favor website and this blog, I'm an avid 'Etsian' as they call us. I like to keep my eye out for amazing designers in the Wisconsin area and Kiss And Tell Cards is no exception! These handmade invitations are adorable and so unique. They feature pink and green accents, with polka-dots and butterflies. Nothing could make a guest happier than opening an envelope with this cheerful invitation inside. Best of all they're very affordable. Check out their shop: Kiss And Tell Cards.